Here is what critics are saying about “Sweet Lu Olutosin”

“…after the first part in a trio, the pianist presented the special guest, for the first time in Italy, the vocalist Sweet Lu Olutosin. One approach explosives, a mix of soul, blues, mainstream, soloing style vocalese – then added with original (Lyrics) texts – a stage presence that can warm up the audience, a display of medium and low register but then able to surprise with successful forays in the tall one with a clear timbre that recalled the teaching of soul singer James Ingram”.

Napoli da Vivere

“Olutosin’s voice is deeply rooted and tinged with just enough blues overtone, to make Sweet Lou’s Blues, an engaging offering, for both the jazz aficionado and newcomer. Filled with bursting melodies and topped with Olutosin’s distinctively impassioned voice, he may have just paved the way to new standards in the vocal jazz idiom”.

~ Geannine Reid,

 “Olutosin is masterful, filled with ideas within his phrasing, and deeply rooted in blues. The soulfulness of his well-rounded masculine voice is a beacon in the male jazz vocal idiom. One voice I hope to hear for many years to come“.

~ H. Allen Williams,


“Lu Olutosin is a fresh voice, assured and full….Olutosin at times reminds me of Oscar Brown Jr., in his lyrics, and Eddie Jefferson in delivery……. the ambiance is real and hip and sticking and anyone with an interest in vocal jazz should seek this out.”

~ Robert Rusch,

Cadence Magazine

“5.0 out of 5 stars……… A fine new male vocalist – jazz, blues, and wherever the lyrics take him……….

…The band swings with a joyous feel, yet grooving. The jazz world welcomes a much needed great, new vocalist/lyricist who can groove hard and sing love songs in the style of Bebop/Post Bop, Jazz/Blues

~ Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) ~


” Sweet Lu Olutosin has a deep rich wonderful voice that will remind his listeners of Joe Williams, Joe Henderson and the best of the big band singers of the 50’s. But Sweet Lu brings his own current style to the CD and added some clever musical touches to the playlist. He has a great voice and he knows how to deal with a lyric.”

~ Robert Nicosia,



SWEET LU OLUTOSIN – June 10, 2015
Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage – Washington, DC

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